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October 2015

So, Monica and Chandler?

Hello Everyone. So, I’m at it again, my usual drunk-F.R.I.E.N.D.S-binge-watching marathon. But what caught my attention was actually Monica’s and Chandler’s relationship. It is just so beautiful how the TV show portrays their whole relationship and what happens after it.... Continue Reading →

Broken Wings

On a deserted street crashes a girl with wings they scatter in pieces on the floor she sings unable to fly now she struggles to stand feathers all around no way to leave the land Her damaged wings Painfully they... Continue Reading →

Bleeding through words

Pain would cross in waves like thunder Alone, she bled through ink Eyes searching for a happy chapter Salty droplets would give her away Only the living can feel pain She reminded herself she was alive With every broken part... Continue Reading →

Taking a step forward

This post is dedicated to all the women who go through abuse (psychical/mental). The women who want to stay with their man because they love them too much or don't have the strength to let go. Just know that you're... Continue Reading →

Heart’s Grace

“I think I love you.” I blurted out the words. “No, you don’t.” She replied in her usual confident way. “And why do you think that I don’t love you? I am entitled to my own feelings.” I was confused,... Continue Reading →

Dangerously In Love

Her arm wouldn’t move. “Are you listening to me?” She stared at Seth. He seemed angry. “You never listen to me. I keep worrying about you and you don’t even care.” He continued. “I do, I do care about you.”... Continue Reading →

Ice-cream in November

I was sitting at my usual bar, slowly sipping on a rocky whiskey, when I saw her for the first time. It was a chilly November and she walked in wearing nothing but jeans and a t-shirt with skeletons printed... Continue Reading →

Where is she?

    Have you seen that little girl? with emptiness in her heart eyes overflowing with wonder her mind abstract like art She has been missing for a while her innocence vanishing along sincere smiles turned into a hoax her... Continue Reading →

Hungry Humans

Aren’t we all a little hungry for love? The lead member of the band metallica once asked the audience,”Where do all the lonely people come from?”. I wonder the same thing most of the times. I have come to realise that... Continue Reading →

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