Hello Everyone. So, I’m at it again, my usual drunk-F.R.I.E.N.D.S-binge-watching marathon. But what caught my attention was actually Monica’s and Chandler’s relationship. It is just so beautiful how the TV show portrays their whole relationship and what happens after it. Yes, I am using the word beautiful for a couple of reasons, so hear me out. Firstly, we love all of them, we have our favourites but the thing with the two of them is that it tells us that life is unpredictable and we might not know how we might end up or with who. Secondly, I understand that we are in the era where we sleep with the other person first and then date them, that is kind of what they showed for Monica and Chandler as well but technically they did know each other for more than five years, but the point I’m getting to is that isn’t their friendship just great? I think that is the biggest reason why Chandler and Monica are my favourite as a couple is because, it’s not just the case of opposites attracting but also how friendship is such a beautiful thing and sometimes it turns into something a little more special but the fact is that friendship remains.
So, if we are dating someone, or in a relationship or maybe on the verge of dating someone, how do we make sure that it is a relationship like monica and chandler? It seems like a complicated answer but it’s not, I feel the answer is honesty. But then again honesty is more frequent in friendship than in a romantic relationship. Admit it. For me, that is the biggest factor that makes me go ga-ga when I see them.
It is just so rare you know, to find someone you connect with, and it is even more rare for us to just be brutally (or humorously) honest with the person we can connect with actually because we are ways afraid of loosing them. I know they might not be a big factor in your life but please, be with me, I say, from my own personal experience, I know that even after finding someone that I can connect with, I try to put my best forward and be as liable as possible because then if I don’t do such a thing, I risk loosing the person I was finally able to connect with. But here’s what sucks, even if you try your best to make the other person like you, you are actually just trying to force that person and yourself into an illusion of a relationship that you wish was true.
So, my talk on the matter, after having a relationship that almost costed me my heart and having gone through reality like you, I say at a certain point, we will reach a conclusion of being ourselves. We just have to put our different selves forward one by one and see how it goes. I’m not saying you should slowly reveal your dark side so that by then your partner can’t escape, what I’m saying is that just go with whatever it is that you’re feeling.
Humans are a selfish bunch, but why don’t we accept that? Being with someone makes you happy? just don’t try and get rid of your crap and quirks, it isn’t actually fair. I agree there might be a high possibility that when you show your true self blindly, you might get hurt, but what if you do find someone that you can connect with but someone who is also your bestfriend with whom you can be honest to the most?
I know it’s easier to preach than to actually practice but let’s not give up okay? “What if I fall? But what if you fly?”
A cheesy motto indead, but hey, it’s life, lets live while we can. And love truly is worth it.
PS : Zoya Rana was with me. Remember her.