An Odd Bird, In and Out

Discovering differences and similarities


November 2015

#2 ShortandSweet

I am myself, and since I fought to be myself, I don’t know how to be anyone else anymore.

#1 Short and Sweet

"Close your eyes and listen to the music of life that your weak little heart is playing. It plays a tune, like a melody made just for you."

Like a Sunflower

It is the easiest thing to be harsh and cynical in today’s world. Tenderness….tenderness is rare. Of course, we find people saying nice things all the time, but I'm talking about sentimentality here. We find people telling us to ‘suck... Continue Reading →

Forceful Recollection

A normal sunday it was, or so she anticipated he messaged her after a long time. Suddenly the world stopped moving insensible, even the things that were prime The scar on her foot ached suddenly, it had been a while... Continue Reading →

So many critics.

We judge people all the time don’t we? We all have our own principles in life. Even a serial killer has his/her own set of rules when you think about it. So which rule is right and which rule is... Continue Reading →

It’s okay to not be okay

Nightmares are so annoying. I have been through so many articles about nightmares that I can’t even remember the number, but let me tell you this, drinking warm milk, washing your feet, etc etc, do NOTHING. The worst part is,... Continue Reading →

Similarly different?

Why is it that all of us wish to find people with whom we belong with(groups, friends etc) yet we also want to be the special one (the phrase one in a million) ? I have never been able to... Continue Reading →

Peace because of a Serene being.

There she goes again, with her Ave Maria. For someone with such a foul mouth, she sings rather beautifully. There she stood, closer to the stars than I could ever be, and shining brighter than anything I had ever seen.... Continue Reading →

A ghost of someone alive.

Among these glittering lights She searches desperately for you Sometimes in the passing crowd She almost sees your face In the loud noise of this city Your voice echoes violently But the twinkly stars in the dark Remind her of... Continue Reading →

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