There she goes again, with her Ave Maria. For someone with such a foul mouth, she sings rather beautifully. There she stood, closer to the stars than I could ever be, and shining brighter than anything I had ever seen.

“I see you are here yet again Serena.”
“Oh hush now, don’t disturb me. I was at my favourite part.” She said and started singing again. Serena never sparked me as a serene person, to be honest, always bossy and arrogant. Well, except for when she sang.
I just stood there, listening to her echo in the night. Emotions rushed to her face and changed even more briskly. This girl that everyone disliked would only transparently show herself to the stars above. I, on the other hand, was always an uninvited guest to her recitals.
“Why don’t you sing inside, don’t you feel cold out here?” I asked, but only after had she completed her song. I was sure if I would have disturbed her again, she would scold me until dawn.
“Of course, I do. I’m human, aren’t I? Really, Yue, your foolishness astonishes me at times.” She said.

I just laughed. Humans, curious beings.

“So what’s bothering you today?” I asked.
“How is it that you always know?” She seemed rather irritated.
“You’re dishonesty betrays you when you sing.” I said. It was true, I had known this girl for twenty-one years now. I saw her transform from a weak child into a strong headed woman. “So are you going to tell me?”
She said nothing. I just waited.
“Will I ever be able to breakaway?” She said. I looked at her, staring at the glittering sky, then I looked at myself. Breaking away?
“Maybe you will when the time is right.” I said. Although I had no right to talk about the matter.
“How can you be so sure? You have been waiting and your right time still isn’t here yet.” Her foul mouth said.
I couldn’t help but laugh, the child really struck my blind spots. “Have patience little one. I’m sure you’ll be able to reach the sky before me.” I was sure she would.
“What if you leave me first?” She took a pause, looking as though she was thinking hard, “But I don’t want to be the first to leave either. I know you would be very lonely without me.” She showed her perfect set of thirty-two along with a smile.
“Don’t be so conceited, you midget. I have been on my own for as long as I can remember.”
“Yes yes, I know. But you still didn’t deny the fact that you would be lonely without me.” She was too smart for her own good.
When had the kid become so haughty? The first time she saw me, she was a toddler who had just learnt how to run.
“So I assume I will need to ask you a few more time to actually get to know why is it that you’re upset?”
She angrily sat beside me, she stared at the ground and said,” I feel…. like I’m stuck!”
I patted her forehead, I always did even though I knew it would not be more than a tingling sensation to her. “I know. But you will be able to move forward one day. Just have faith.”
“Yue, you always encourage me, but isn’t it lonely for you? Why don’t you let go?” She looked concerned. At such moments, I could still see a glimpse of the soft hearted girl she once was, openly atleast.
“Dear child, now after so many years, I don’t know how to. I have heard you humans say misery loves company, but my lovely angel, I would be truly joyous on the day you’re set free.” I said.
“Angel?” She started to laugh.
“You are, for me.” I’m sure she didn’t understand how true that was.
“You give me too much credit. I cannot understand why would you think of me as someone like that. You know how brutal I can get when I start talking.”
“Yes, that is true but you have fought hard to be this honest, now that it is something you can’t control, how can I blame you for it? In fact, it can be a good thing you know.”
She rested her head on my shoulder, but in practical science, it would be called ‘she tilted her head midway in the air’. I patted her head again, this lonely child was completely out of my control.
“I want to run away Yue.” She said as she looked at the twinkling lights again.
“No. Don’t say that. When you say run away, it sounds very negative. I like it when you keep your ambitious tone of voice.” I really did. If I recall it right, I had always lacked that.
“My ambitions are just me thinking out loud. When I actually try, they seem so far away, almost completely out of my reach.” She said. Oh, how i wish I could embrace her.
“You will reach the top, but I must warn you, it can be a lonely place.” I wonder how I knew that.
“Loneliness is something we share. But wait, doesn’t that mean we aren’t actually lonely?” Her wide eyes looked at me with wonder.
I laughed, “You might be right little one. But you are human, you need touch, you need warmth.” Something that I just couldn’t provide even when I wanted to.
There was a long gap of silence, she stared at the stars and I just continued staring at her.
“You should go inside now. It must be cold.” I said, only after noticing her shiver. “I’m watching over you child. But I don’t know if that’s a good thing.” I laughed.
She continued to have her sleepless nights and I indulged myself in her melodious melodies. Each night I would get to know about her feelings, but I could feel a change breezing my way, but actually breezing her way.