Nightmares are so annoying. I have been through so many articles about nightmares that I can’t even remember the number, but let me tell you this, drinking warm milk, washing your feet, etc etc, do NOTHING.
The worst part is, you cannot control the situation cause you are sleeping! For example, So I’m currently seeing this guy, (let’s call him Mr. Sunshine so it would be easier to address him in the posts later on as well.) and this was a few days back, I was sleeping over at his place and I had another one of my nightmares. The next day Mr. Sunshine told me I was shivering or something. Yeah! And we haven’t been seeing each other for too long, so as you can imagine I felt really awkward. Like I did tell him about some of my major not-so-nice-life-events, but I obviously tried to say it in a very calm and chilled out manner, and there I was shivering from a flashback in the middle of the night.
Yes Yes I know this isn’t normal, but if you have read my other posts you must have realised that quite a few things have happened, so naturally it will take time to get over everything.
So what can be done? Well my latest mission (personality wise) is to become a person who faces facts and situations. Yeah, I’m trying to be a little less cowardly.
Although, nightmares are pretty common and everybody has them, but they can take a serious dangerous turn at times. People who have been through trauma, generally do show signs of Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder which includes having nightmares, emotional numbing and such things. And you would be surprised to know there are so many people out there who dismiss their PTSD signs. I was one of them, for quite a while I actually ignored all the signs and said stupid things to myself such as ‘am I really this weak?’ ‘I have this handled, I just need to suck it up.’  Yeah, never say such things especially after you have been through some sort of a trauma. We tend to be quite hard on ourselves most of the time, it’s a very natural human tendency but sometimes it is a good thing to admit ‘defeat’. No you’re not admitting actual defeat, in fact you are just admitting to the fact that you cannot always control everything and some times you just need guidance or help. I have been asked many times, that why is it that I decided to change myself or get out of the negative state I was in. And the answer is pretty simple, I decided to change because I had to face the fact that I needed help.
It was that day and here I am today, and let me tell you, you don’t always have to be the iron woman. The day I admitted that something was wrong, I felt an odd sense of liberation. I was free, I was free to not be okay and not put up a strong facade.
Although I admit on forgetting this lesson that I learned, at times. A few weeks back a friend told me ‘It’s okay to not be okay’. I was upset over something and after he said that, I felt relief again. Because of that simple kind sentence I was reminded of what I had learned a while back again.
So if you think you are going through something like this, reach out. And if you know somebody who might show some signs, help them. It doesn’t need to be something as serious as PTSD but just let the person know that they can talk to you, and never ever everrrrrrr dismiss the power or caring hugs.
PS : Zoya Rana was with me. Remember her.