We judge people all the time don’t we?
We all have our own principles in life. Even a serial killer has his/her own set of rules when you think about it. So which rule is right and which rule is wrong? Well, it’s a matter of perception. Although, we often confuse our principles as being ‘right’, something I would disagree on. Why is it that people think that the way see the world or the way they live their lives is the way everybody should?
I believe that everybody is similarly different (a concept I’m almost obsessed with). But it is not often that you find people who embrace the difference of opinions. So I currently have a bunch of friends with whom I meet up once a week and we discuss different topics and theories with (a few) pints. What I really enjoy about the gathering is that all of us are individuals who have strong opinions but are open to understanding the opinions of others as well (in my opinion that is truly rare). Because firstly, I can put across my point of view and  not be judged. Secondly, I get to understand so much about other people, how their mind works and why do they have the opinions that they do. Thirdly, these delightful individuals are always open to a perspective that clashes with their own. And lastly, who doesn’t like having a meaningful conversation with pints and intelligent people?
So you see, I’m not saying that we are continuously surrounded by judgemental people but yes, I do think that people often judge others even without realising it. We judge our close friends, families, acquittances, strangers and even ourselves. What right do we have to do so? Every individual has an untold story that cannot be known even when being narrated, and I believe since everybody is fighting a battle or fought a battle we know nothing about, who are we to criticise them?
In fact the times we judge ourselves actually seems the most brutal to me, because obviously our personal opinions will matter to most ourselves than anybody else. So for all the times you find yourself judging yourself…STOP! And if you think that you don’t judge yourself at all, try and analyse yourself. I’m sure you’ll find incidents where your were judging yourself. Because what is the point? Our self criticism is based on the rules set by the environment we live in. And who makes that environment? Other humans. See, it’s so simple.
I am far from a perfect person, and I like myself that way. I have a lot of flaws, quirks and I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I have also fought my way through and I am proud of myself. So, if I see someone in a similar situation as me and reacting to it differently, maybe not the way I would react, would it be right for me to judge that person? Ofcourse not. Similarly, I wouldn’t want to be criticised in the way I live my life as well. I agree that another person’s way of living can seem like it is wrong, but then is my way right? Maybe in my opinion but to another it might seem like utter crap.
Yes I have ranted quite a bit, haven’t I? Well I’ll stop soon (for now). Before I go to live my lively life, just let me ask you this, in the grey area of life, do you think some things are particularly black and white? And I don’t mean in your life, but life in general. For me, I have found the answer to be no, since I feel it is painted in different shades and tones. Hence I have been trying to understand us nutty humans, everybody’s fighting their own demons and angels and all the other magical inner selves. Fascinating species aren’t we? But again that is just my opinion. Haha 😉
PS : Zoya Rana was with me. Remember her.