A normal sunday it was, or so she anticipated
he messaged her after a long time.
Suddenly the world stopped moving
insensible, even the things that were prime
The scar on her foot ached suddenly,
it had been a while since she’d sensed the pain.
It was just a name that popped up on her screen,
but-but it was his, she couldn’t move a vein.
Shuddered as she was forced to remember
the past, which had been bottled out.
Touched her ankle, where the scar remained
remembering that horrid night of his first bout.
Glass cutting into her paw,
red leaking all over the room.
There he stood framing her,
blaming the damaged girl for his gloom.
She slaps herself awake
compelling to forget what had occurred.
She tells herself to stay mighty
he was, better off as a ghost-word
Yet, zones away to another somber evening
a girl slept covered purple bruises.
To her side sleeps an unstable creature
monster or man, either way she looses.
Shaking herself to reality
she breathes realising it’s over
Trembles in the large room
Why did the memories still takeover?