An Odd Bird, In and Out

Discovering differences and similarities


December 2015

Unexpected Inspiration

I walked with her, Down a lonely street. Filled with people, Hoping for life’s treats.   She spoke about love, Lost and the one she wanted, After twenty nine years, Her illusion of love still haunted.   She wanted to share, Herself with... Continue Reading →

#3 Short and Sweet

She watched him slip away into his dreams, Soon enough realisation struck her, the two dreamed in two separate ways.

Confession of an Escapist

Can you see the real me, the coward I truly am? I hide between the pages of my books, Escape with unnecessary laughter and jokes. I let wine and smoke fill my empty heart, Relishing every memory that I get... Continue Reading →

One day the battle will end

Smile, she said to herself holding a sword in one hand and a shield in another tall and straight she had to stand   After dusk she would peel away baring the nakedness of her own soul contained in a... Continue Reading →

Someday, somehow.

We had a lecturer come in today from the British Psychological Society, and I thought it would be a normal lecture about psychosis but he told us about the people he was working with and for. He told us about... Continue Reading →

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