Can you see the real me, the coward I truly am?
I hide between the pages of my books,
Escape with unnecessary laughter and jokes.
I let wine and smoke fill my empty heart,
Relishing every memory that I get away from.
I revert my eyes when I feel another soul onto mine,
so rare are these moments of extreme exposure.
I wear makeup like a warrior’s face paint,
my tears won’t have an excuse to escape.
I bleed through ink thinking I’m Hemingway,
pouring my soul in every word that is released.
I sleep enveloped in pillows, imagining it’s my soulmate,
feeling the warmth that’s desired on lonely nights.
I click pictures of presumably insignificant things,
knowing I will want to relive lost moments again.
I pick up abandoned feathers from the street,
believe that angels have left them there for me.
I pray in churches when nobody’s wary,
wondering if the universe is truly watching over.
I live in two colliding worlds, one containing my shell,
The other, constantly feeds me, leaking a pipe’s dream.