An Odd Bird, In and Out

Discovering differences and similarities


January 2016

The way Loneliness knows her

She is at it again. Living as a recluse, shutting herself away from the world. She doesn’t like me very much yet she calls upon me time and again. I have asked her multiple times as to why she summons... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Belfast

I recently visited the beautiful city of Belfast, Ireland. I had been stuck in Bangor for the last four months and I had reached my saturation point. I took off right after my last exam. What I didn’t know was... Continue Reading →

Relinquishing control of the uncontrollable

I have been running for so long. I have either been running away from something or trying to run towards something but today I was reminded of something I had forgotten. Actually it is something very easy to not do... Continue Reading →

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