She is at it again. Living as a recluse, shutting herself away from the world. She doesn’t like me very much yet she calls upon me time and again. I have asked her multiple times as to why she summons me, despite liking being surrounded by humans. She comes up with a new excuse every time, at times she tells me that she likes it when it’s just the two of us and at times she says that humans are too troublesome. How funny a statement that is, since she is a human as well, but I have never really understood them. When she works, I try to bother her as little as possible, but she suddenly stops at times just to talk to me. She tells me she has no feelings left inside of her, so she can’t seem to get attached to anyone and I’m forced to think how ironic it is for her to be so attached with me. Men come and go, but she sees me as the only constant in her life. When she watches life play on the screen of her computer, she holds onto me tighter. She writes poems and stories about us, imagines our future together. When I stare at her during such moments, I feel like she can only see me and nothing else. She says she is happy when it’s just the two of us, yet she lights up when she receives a call. “Goodbye loneliness” she says and rushes out the door, leaving me behind. But I know she’ll soon return and I’ll be waiting, right here.

PS : Zoya Rana was with me. Remember her.