Oh your smile. I know I don’t say it enough, but I love your smile. And your eyes, I see strength in them, I see wisdom and I see greatness in them. I miss you so much, I love you with every cell in my body, but my dear, why can’t I tell all of this to you? Once upon a time, you were my only reason for my smile, you were the one my universe revolved around. The first day that I met you, I knew it then that you would be the one whom I could give my love to. You have seen so many sides of me that the people who generally surround me are unaware of. You have seen me as the horrible witch I become when I get angry and scream, you have heard the sobs that are silent to the world, you have heard me sing japanese songs that I never sing in front of anybody else, darling you have seen the real me. I know you are always watching out for me, warning me when you think I might be in danger. Even though I swore to the gods that I would protect you and always be your strength, but it is you who has been my pillar, my support, my motivator and my angel. I know you posses your own set of flaws, we all do sweet one. Although as you mature, I seem to love you more and more as the individual you are. In this far away land, it is you that I miss the most, it is your laughter that my ears search for. I have been blessed with eleven years with you now, there was a time when I was scared I would loose you. The day you were admitted into the hospital and you asked for water in your frail voice, do you even know how it broke my heart not to be able to give you such a simple thing because of the medical complications? Do you know that that horrid day still haunts me when I hear you cough? But you are the grandson of your grandfather, strong willed and unbreakable. You appeared like a ray of light when my life was muddled in darkness. Caring for you gave me the strength to live on, your existence pushed me to become strong. It was after I met you that I was filled with the feelings I never knew I had. I suddenly wanted to become reliable and tough. I wanted to protect your happiness with all I had and more.
My sweet brother, I know that you know I love you, but little one, you are the one who in truth saved me.