Like every person, I think that our generation is revolutionary but like every person, I’m not wrong. Change is constantly taking place. Every generation adds to the evolution of this world. For now, let me talk about what our generation is creating, as always there are conflicts, there are the rationals and the dreamers, both need each other to live wholly. What I truly love about this world is that we are the people trying to accept out demons. Flaws are no longer supposed to be hidden away in a locked room. The facade of perfection is no longer as attractive as it once seemed. It doesn’t matter weather you believe in meditation as put by spirituality or mindfulness portrayed by science, people are trying to acknowledge that bad things happen but how things can be changed into positive.
We are the lucky generation that haven’t faced a world war but are also the generation that has faced a lot of terrorism. There are news channels flooding with attacks and sad events but there are positive journalism sites and pages that create awareness of the kindness that takes place everyday.
I love a song called ‘Demons’ by ‘Imagine Dragons’. It was when I first heard this song that I started realising what was happening around. So many books and songs about embracing the crazy inner self, monologues about acceptance of being different and conversations about all the weirdness that people in the past hid. The concept of loving oneself slowly started gaining so much of attentions and now as we know it, it’s no longer a taboo. Liking yourself is now a positive trait and not something seen as being self conceited.
I’m in no way belittling all the traumatic events that are taking place all over the world and I’m not trying to cover up for it either, but I suppose as a regular student, even though bad things happen and having faced personal trauma quite a few times because of it, I still do believe that the world we live in has a lot of potential. There are so many people who are actually trying and inspiring the current and the next generation. Kindness still exists in humans in so many forms, but we tend to forget or overlook it at times. Humans are that way I know, I understand it’s in our design to remember and cling to the negative, and disturbing events will continue to occur. Though, tell me, can we let the dark side win? Once we surrender to the ‘world’ and say yeah life isn’t fair, we basically free ourselves from the responsibility each of us was born with.
One day we will return to being nothing, but that statement will be proven wrong if we leave behind something wonderful. Doing something wonderful doesn’t include solving world hunger or reducing drug problem (although if you aim for that, definitely keep going for it!) , but just a small act of kindness, softness and warmth towards people, that can be truly amazing. At the same time, also recognising and being grateful to all the kindness that we receive and will continue to receive until the day we die. And please, if you think that no one has ever been kind to you, I suggest to review your life like a film and I’m sure there have been moments when somebody was kind to you. Indulge in positive nostalgia once in a while.
I suppose everything that I have said can sound like I’m just preaching, but I truly believe in us humans. We have so much of power, our minds and bodies are stronger than we might think. It is upto us to make a decision. Do we want let something make us bitter and hard or do we want to move forward and leave behind something positive and inspiring.
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi.