An Odd Bird, In and Out

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‘Women empowerment’, a term used but not applied?

Recently I have been trying to understand the real world and how exactly women are being empowered.I crossed paths with different kinds of people, but it is only now that I am realizing how chauvinistic and non-empowering (that’s a real word right?) this... Continue Reading →

Magic of the Hay Festival

Hay-on-Wye is a charming little town in South Wales. Every year they have a literary festival which spans for ten days, every day about twelve to fifteen thousand people visit the festival. I was lucky enough to be one of the... Continue Reading →

Thank you for not loving her

You don’t love her, she knows that. You never intended on loving her, she knows that too. So easy it is for you to walk away from someone. She has known heartache, she’s a coward just like you. Never did... Continue Reading →

Rain Rain, are you here to stay?

Haven’t people like us romanticized the rain enough? But even after all these years, I can’t help but feel alive when a gust of wind crosses me, carrying a smell of an unknown land calling my name, an unknown voice... Continue Reading →

Faith in the World

Like every person, I think that our generation is revolutionary but like every person, I’m not wrong. Change is constantly taking place. Every generation adds to the evolution of this world. For now, let me talk about what our generation... Continue Reading →

Heart vs Brain

I feel like a fifteen years old teenager. I have been eating pizza every night, watching tons of movies, constantly consuming sweet food and whining like a heartbroken idiot. How is it that I always decide that I’m going to... Continue Reading →

My blessing

Oh your smile. I know I don’t say it enough, but I love your smile. And your eyes, I see strength in them, I see wisdom and I see greatness in them. I miss you so much, I love you... Continue Reading →

A silly girl’s heart

You foolish creature, why do you keep doing this? You know it isn’t as you make it sound. The words you speak in front of humans sound so simple and tame. You make it sound as though you don't feel... Continue Reading →

The way Loneliness knows her

She is at it again. Living as a recluse, shutting herself away from the world. She doesn’t like me very much yet she calls upon me time and again. I have asked her multiple times as to why she summons... Continue Reading →

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