An Odd Bird, In and Out

Discovering differences and similarities



Random thoughts of a random love

A random girl is all she was, Lied to herself she wanted to fade. Never speak about the truth was her clause, She had known people’s black shade. She wondered why people looked at her the way they did, glances... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Inspiration

I walked with her, Down a lonely street. Filled with people, Hoping for life’s treats.   She spoke about love, Lost and the one she wanted, After twenty nine years, Her illusion of love still haunted.   She wanted to share, Herself with... Continue Reading →

Confession of an Escapist

Can you see the real me, the coward I truly am? I hide between the pages of my books, Escape with unnecessary laughter and jokes. I let wine and smoke fill my empty heart, Relishing every memory that I get... Continue Reading →

One day the battle will end

Smile, she said to herself holding a sword in one hand and a shield in another tall and straight she had to stand   After dusk she would peel away baring the nakedness of her own soul contained in a... Continue Reading →

Forceful Recollection

A normal sunday it was, or so she anticipated he messaged her after a long time. Suddenly the world stopped moving insensible, even the things that were prime The scar on her foot ached suddenly, it had been a while... Continue Reading →

A ghost of someone alive.

Among these glittering lights She searches desperately for you Sometimes in the passing crowd She almost sees your face In the loud noise of this city Your voice echoes violently But the twinkly stars in the dark Remind her of... Continue Reading →

Broken Wings

On a deserted street crashes a girl with wings they scatter in pieces on the floor she sings unable to fly now she struggles to stand feathers all around no way to leave the land Her damaged wings Painfully they... Continue Reading →

Bleeding through words

Pain would cross in waves like thunder Alone, she bled through ink Eyes searching for a happy chapter Salty droplets would give her away Only the living can feel pain She reminded herself she was alive With every broken part... Continue Reading →

Where is she?

    Have you seen that little girl? with emptiness in her heart eyes overflowing with wonder her mind abstract like art She has been missing for a while her innocence vanishing along sincere smiles turned into a hoax her... Continue Reading →

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