An Odd Bird, In and Out

Discovering differences and similarities


short stories

The Library

I'm just an ordinary girl, who was lost in a forest. That’s when I came across Merlin’s library. A large old castle with walls reaching the sky, dark as a moonless night, made with strong looking bricks and stones. I... Continue Reading →

Peace because of a Serene being.

There she goes again, with her Ave Maria. For someone with such a foul mouth, she sings rather beautifully. There she stood, closer to the stars than I could ever be, and shining brighter than anything I had ever seen.... Continue Reading →

Heart’s Grace

“I think I love you.” I blurted out the words. “No, you don’t.” She replied in her usual confident way. “And why do you think that I don’t love you? I am entitled to my own feelings.” I was confused,... Continue Reading →

Dangerously In Love

Her arm wouldn’t move. “Are you listening to me?” She stared at Seth. He seemed angry. “You never listen to me. I keep worrying about you and you don’t even care.” He continued. “I do, I do care about you.”... Continue Reading →

Ice-cream in November

I was sitting at my usual bar, slowly sipping on a rocky whiskey, when I saw her for the first time. It was a chilly November and she walked in wearing nothing but jeans and a t-shirt with skeletons printed... Continue Reading →

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